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Bakari Mustafa⭐ Pro Member
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Asked a question 3 years ago

How do you define success?

For me, success is increasing the value of my time.
For me, success is in each phase of your life. Whenever you find a solution on your own, it's your success. Overcoming fears, loving your work is all success.
Essiet James Peter
Success is a term oftentimes misconstrued.

Most people define success as having an avalanche of money in their bank account,whilst others view it from the standpoint of Fame.

However, they are not all wrong. The only snag is that Perception on Success is myopic.

The ability to impact a life a day is success for me. The ability to move from one stage of growth to another, is notably Success, for me.

Success is having the ability to impact a life and at the same time, improving one self.

"You're not a success, untill you succeed in others life".

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