We’d love you to get the most out of our community and writing your introduction is a great first step! 

Make sure to include a photo of yourself with your first introduction post!

Your introduction post should cover the following:-

  1. Who you are
  2. What you want to get out of our community
  3. What you are studying/studied in school/university
  4. Mention your background industry/professional field
  5. Add a link to your portfolio or LinkedIn profile (if you have one).
  6. What do you want to learn?
  7. What topics are you into?
  8. What do you want to learn?

Not sure what to write in your intro? Here are some introductory questions to help you to craft your post. Use this as a template or pick a few questions that are best suited to you! You can also read Ben’s pinned introduction to get some ideas. 

👋What’s your name? Use your full name or a social media handle as it makes it easier for people to remember you and differentiate as the community grows. It’s also key for growing your network even outside of Makerpad.  

🌍  Where are you from? Where are you currently based? We hope to connect people online and also with more local no-code makers too! If you’ve lived in lots of interesting places, let us know! 

🎨  What is your background? You’ve got lots of experience and knowledge from the industries you’ve already worked in, we’d love to know what experts we have here! Industry knowledge can be a great way to find common ground with other makers. 

🧱  What are you currently working on? Do you have any active projects you’d like to show to the community? Or are you a seasoned expert with lots of projects and stories to share. 

🤔  What topics are you interested in? Outside of the networking space what fun topics, hobbies and interests do you have? We often find our best ideas at the intersection between connecting with others and our other interests. 

👨‍🏫  What are you looking to learn next? Stuck on something tricky? Excited to dive into a tutorial or challenge. Struggling to find resources on a particular integration - tell us and we’ll help! 

🤗  Is there anything the community can help you with? Are you looking to solve a work problem ? Trying to validate a business idea with a MVP? Would feedback on your career & Job searching be helpful. Let us know! 

Post your introduction and be sure to welcome others to the community when they post theirs too! Your intro post will give us an overview of your professional background and help our members quickly learn about you.