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Bakari Mustafa⭐ Pro Member
Building Mentors Outreach 🚀

📚 Books that will inspire, encourage, and help you build communities that you’re super-proud of.

  1. Tribe: On Homecoming and Belonging
  2. How to Handle a Crowd: The Art of Creating Healthy and Dynamic Online Communities
  3. The Wisdom of Crowds
  4. Building Brand Communities: How Organizations Succeed by Creating Belonging
  5. Get Together: How to... (More)
Bakari Mustafa⭐ Pro Member
Building Mentors Outreach 🚀

Favorite books about communication and business?

Hi all!

I'd love to hear recommendations from the community on what your favorite books have been with regards to learning about communication, the psychology of leadership.

I'm on my second read through of How to Win Friends and Influence... (More)

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Top 3 books every Entrepreneur should read?
Joshua Poddoku
Tech Evangelist | Writer
True success is all about how much you give to the community.

A successful entrepreneur doesn't fill his own pockets but he is a giver.